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What’s the surest way of Making your Mami Proud? That’s right, kids: sit in the basement for ages animating creatures that scare her, do your edits so zornig that she gets sick to her stomach when you play the first three seconds, get excited about managing and designing projects far from what she considers real…

…and, last but definitely not least: found a company she will never understand! This is us saying you’re welcome :’) to all the Mamis for doing just that — after seven years of dreaming it. Yup, the idea of MMP has been in the making for a long time. Legend has it that our founders Daniel "Danny" Bartels, Isabel Ley & Philipp Schneider met at a post production company back in the day. Aptly titled Schönheitsfarm (German for beauty farm), this is where they learned that true beauty is something you can direct and cut and color and ultimately replace with a pink cloud.

But before we all decided to finally become the industry’s hottest design, animation, edit and production powerhouse overnight, each of us took our time earning their spurs in different parts of the world of advertising and brand experience.

So what you are getting now is decades of experience, combined with a forever unorthodox spirit. Partnering with agencies, clients and production companies, we make even the most eccentric ideas a reality, even the most challenging projects a joyride, and even the most demanding mamis proud.

Photo by Dirk Heinrich

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